A prize crook of Rs 4 thousand of Bharatpur police, who was absconding for almost 4 years, has been arrested. bharatpur today news

Rajasthan Bharatpur:

Deeg police station of Bharatpur arrested a prize rogue of Rs 4,000 of Bharatpur police who had been absconding for about 4 years in a robbery case.

Bharatpur todya news:

On 7th August 2017, Pankaj’s son Dalveer Singh Thakur resident of Gudhachambal police station, Devgarh district Morena, village Lahchaura, alias Daulatpur police station, Govardhan district Mathura’s Maqsood son Nanna alias Nannu Meo, against 17-18 people, Bolero car No. RJ 11 UA 1909 at Bhilmka square police station Deeg.  A case of robbing about 93 thousand and other items has come to the fore after stopping it.
The police station was lodged at Deeg.  According to the information received, Assistant Sub-Inspector Jaisingh has arrested the prize crook Maqsood son Nanna alias Nannu Meo resident Lahchaura alias Daulatpur police station Govardhan district Mathura in the case.
Permanent warrant was also issued by the court against the accused.
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