A strange incident happened in Hanumanji’s temple near Sawai-Madhopur Raranthambore Sanctuary in Rajasthan. sawai madhopur latest news..

Sawai madhopur latest news:

In the intentional Hanuman temple, something happened in the past, which if it is not considered a miracle, then it is a common incident related to the curiosity of wildlife.


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Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan

In the past, something like this happened in the intentional Hanuman temple at some distance from the town near Ranthambore National Sanctuary of Madhopur-division,
If anyone wants to believe in a miracle, then this is a common incident related to the curiosity of wildlife.
People who have religious faith about what was recorded in the CCTV camera installed in Hanuman temple, considering it to be a union of Hanuman and Jamwant, are full of devotion.
This wonderful and thrilling incident captured in the CCTV footage took place at Manshapooran Hanumanji temple on Khandar-Naipur road.  In the temple, the bear of Ranthambore sanctuary is seen wrapped around the statue of Hanumanji.
Not only this, a bear is also visible in front of the Ramdarbar decorated on the left side of Hanumanji.
In fact, if we look at one point of this incident captured in CCTV, then it is a miracle.
The bear first appeared outside the 3 feet high railing in front of the statue at 7:44 pm in the sanctum sanctorum of the Hanuman temple.  He could not go inside as the railing door was locked.
After reaching the last corner of the railing and looking inside, suddenly the door of the railing just in front of the statue opened completely on its own.  At 7:46 a.m. the bear entered.
For about 3 minutes he sat completely bent down near the feet of the statue.  At 7:50 a.m. the bear got up and reached the Ram Darbar situated next to the statue and is seen standing on both feet and wrapped around Ram Darbar.
At 7:52, the bear left Ram’s court and went straight to the statue of Hanumanji.  Standing back on both the hind legs, he was seen hugging the statue.
After this, the bear came back out from the railing of the statue and went from right to left in the circumambulation of the statue.
 Throughout the night, he continued to revolve in the same order in circumambulation.  At 5:30 in the morning, probably due to sleeping in the parikrama, the vision stopped.
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Sawai madhopur latest news
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