A woman commits suicide in Bharatpur division of Rajasthan due to lack of children wavekhabar rajasthan today news

Rajasthan today news:

The woman’s in-laws forcibly poisoned her daughter’s death wavekhabar

A woman named Narvada of Srinagar village of Rupwas police station area in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan died under suspicious condition, it is being told that the woman committed suicide by consuming poison.
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 Not having children is said to be the reason behind the suicide, while the woman’s side alleges that her in-laws have forcibly killed her daughter by giving poison, it was told that after Narvada’s health deteriorated, her in-laws took her to Rupwas Hospital from where  He was referred to RBM Hospital in Bharatpur.
 Narvada died during treatment at RBM Hospital on Thursday morning.  Was very upset.
 Narvada ate poison late at night due to depression, Narvada’s brother Darb Singh alleges that due to not having children, the in-laws gave poison to Narvada, which led to her death.
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