Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot addressing at the foundation stone laying ceremony of Jaipur’s new IPD building,

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Ashok Gehlot’s speech at the foundation stone laying program of the new IPD building of Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital, Jaipur:

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Statement Ashok Gehlot:

I am very happy that this plant in the name of Lord Mahavir, Bhairon Singh ji Shekhawat sahib at that time in the time of Vidya Vinod Kala sahib when land was given for 1 rupee and as kothari sahib told that when the responsibility started coming on him.  So Kala sahib and Surana sahib both are sitting together, they encouraged and owed this responsibility to kothari sahib and we all are proud that kothari sahib has fulfilled that responsibility very well, in the same episode we are all sitting here  Therefore, I would like to thank them on my behalf, on behalf of all of you.

I will express my gratitude that a facility in Rajasthan which is available today in the form Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital is worthy of praise.

My former speakers told you about the condition of cancer, how this disease is prevalent in the country and in the state, people get worried on hearing its name and now I was talking, Kothari sahib’s dream is that  They are doing this work, in the way they have connected the whole family, but they want it to develop as the best, best and best hospital in the whole of North India and inside the country and I believe that  It is a big deal to have a feeling for this, that’s why when Dhariwal ji was saying that investing Rs 225-230 crore is not a small matter.

The government also has to think, when they make a plan and plan for 100 crores, 200 crores, 500 crores, then if they have decided to make such a big investment in public interest and the inspiration they get from their wife.  I meet Anila ji, under her pressure, I think she must have done this because when both of them came to meet me, then I saw for the first time what is women’s empowerment.  So you can understand that Anila ji who is completely dedicated to the hospital and the way she is carrying all the women and the way she has managed, it is a big deal to go and meet the patients.  There are many people who invest money, but along with investing money, serve the patient, with that spirit add your friends and go to every ward, meet the patients, it boosts the patient’s spirits a lot.  The type increases with the behavior of the doctors, in the same way if the management people also go among the patients, then I think there is a lot of feeling which we respect.

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The things that have been said, or say, about this Mahavir Cancer Hospital are very few and this is not a do-for-profit work that many hospitals make profit, I say that in education and in health, as far as I understand.  I have found this feeling even within the constitution, there should be no business in it, this work is that which is a kind of service to the society, no one can earn profit in it and those who earn, they do wrong things.

The profit that comes in this, a little bit, is put back there, inside its expansion.

I told Kothari sahab, you should clear this concept of what you are, Dhariwal sir, I am saying a lot of work for both of you, you should clear this concept that you are not earning any profit, I know.  So what I am saying very touching to you, people do not understand, no one can earn money in health, education, it is not business, but you see that they find some way to earn from behind, they  That’s wrong.

Therefore, I would like to tell Kothari sahib, I was telling him too, you should clear this thing that the hospital in the name of Lord Mahavir is not a profit for your hospital, even if a penny or two paisa would have been saved.  Yours, so you are putting it here, you are putting it for expansion, this thing should be clear in public.  There are many big hospitals inside the country, maybe many people do good work in them, I thank them, congratulate them, but many people do their business, one way or the other, siphon money  There is such a high rate of their treatment, that no one can imagine, every person’s treatment for 2 lakh, two and a half years, three lakh bills is a minor thing and poor man, our culture is like this inside the country.  , Within the state, every person wants that even if my parents are old, they have cancer, and some disease has happened, even if my house is sold, my jewelry is sold, even then I should get them treated.  Try to keep alive, is in our culture, it does not see that they are not going to survive.

Everyone knows that there are 6 months old guests, even then they are ready to do anything.  That is why these big hospitals, although their poles have been exposed, this time Corona has exposed everyone, those who do wrong things have also been exposed.  Money people came to know that money is not everything in life, as in Mumbai, in Ahmedabad, in Delhi, people with money started saying that sir, we have lakhs and crores of rupees, we have become beggars.  , We are not getting a bed inside the hospital, this was the situation.  So you can imagine what is the use of money.

If you do not get a bed to save your life, this situation has arisen inside the hospital and wherever private hospitals are standing.

Fortunately in Rajasthan, we did not refuse the private sector, but within the public sector, we did government hospitals, sub centers, village-village PHCs, CHCs, district hospitals, and this sms your independence in 1947.  In the time of, when Pandit Nehru was the first Prime Minister, then this first hospital was built, for that it is said that it was at that time, I do not know when it was built, it must have been built a little before that, but it was only in the time of independence.  And in 1998 when I became the Chief Minister for the first time, 20 years ago, there were 6 medical colleges inside Rajasthan.

We have allowed the private sector, that’s why there was a tussle with our Mahatma Gandhi Medical College, don’t know how many medical colleges have been built and in the government sector also, UPA government started the scheme, NDA government that scheme continued, today we have  We should be proud that we are setting up medical colleges in 30 out of 33 districts of Rajasthan.

Medical colleges have been built in 16 districts, they are running, the rest work is going on.  Now Prime Minister laid the foundation stone of 4 medical colleges inside Rajasthan, you can imagine where Rajasthan is progressing today.

In Rajasthan, we made medicines free, last time when I became chief minister for the second time, we made tests free, we had also made MRI and CT scans free for the elderly, and our Kothari sahib was so impressed, I am now  They were saying that sir, you have also freed the medicines of animals, they were getting very emotional for the animals.

Last time I had done all the animals medicines free, test free, dialysis free and now we have come up with the scheme which, as soon as we formed the government, we had given the slogan of first happiness and healthy body and that is why now when we were speaking Major sir,  Prevention of oncology, with the same approach, we got the program launched, we called Dr. Sareen from Delhi and also from Apollo Hospital who is his doctor Dr. Reddy ji, Dr. Devi Shetty from Bangalore, whose name is big, we called him.  Called, got launched that Rajasthan wants to move forward in the field of Prevention of Medicine.

If there is no disease, we should educate people for it, then crores of rupees will be saved for the government, people’s health will be protected, if they do not fall ill then their money will not be spent and their health will also be good and body.  Won’t be bad either.

But we had launched this scheme within December and within three-four months the corona epidemic came in this form, you imagine, we had to leave all the work and stick to it and I am proud to say that in Rajasthan, Dr. Bhandari  We are also sitting, the doctors here, we have done about 400 video conferencing inside Rajasthan because nowadays the video has reached the villages,

Video system and in the same way we connected the villagers, even to the sarpanch, to the gram sevak, to the patwari, to the CMHO, to their officers, everywhere we tried that how the management is being done, what do you have to do?  What are the precautions to be taken, how RTPCR test is getting free, treatment is being done completely free, medicines are being available free of cost, the injections of 40-40 thousand rupees were given free of cost by the Rajasthan government, which is available in the country.  were not given anywhere and in the same way the Bhilwara model was made, so that model went outside the country, even to the world, that this can be a good model to fight this epidemic, the same model is still in use today.  .

So you can imagine that the corona which was managed in this form was appraised by everyone inside the country.

200 extra beds available in the hospital from this cancer care building to be built at a cost of about Rs 235 crore:

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This block will have state-of-the-art facilities like bone marrow transplant, robotic surgery, tomotherapy, scintimammography and interventional radiology cathlab. On this occasion, the hospital magazine Darpan was also released.

The state government is working with determination to provide the best medical facilities to the common man, it is our endeavor that quality health services should be accessible to the people from the capital to the villages.  As a result of this, people from other states of the country are also coming to Rajasthan for treatment.

Health and education are not profit making sectors.  Their main aim is to serve the living beings and humanity, but many institutions forget this purpose and start earning profit, it is not fair.  Due to the coordinated and serviceable efforts of the hospital management, better treatment of complex diseases like cancer is being available to every section of the people here.

In our previous government, we had started free medicine and testing scheme, this time we have started ‘Niroghi Rajasthan’ program to protect people from disease and healthy lifestyle by making ‘Pehla Sukh Nirogi Kaya’ as the basic mantra.  Taking a big step towards freeing the expenses, Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Swasthya Bima Yojana has been implemented, in which people of every category are getting cashless treatment up to Rs 5 lakh.

Medical infrastructure is being strengthened in Rajasthan till village-Dhani.  When our government was formed in the year 1998, there were only 6 medical colleges in the state, our government gave opportunities to the private sector, after that many private medical colleges were established in the state.  With the efforts of the state government, government medical colleges are going to be established in 30 districts of the state.  Their work is going on at a brisk pace, along with the work of making model CHC is also going on at a brisk pace.

Urban Development Minister Shri Shanti Dhariwal said that under the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot, remarkable work has been done in the direction of strengthening health services in the state.  With the expansion being done by the hospital, better facilities will be available to the patients.

Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, Principal, SMS Medical College said that despite the crisis of Corona epidemic, the medical facilities in the state have developed rapidly due to the visionary vision of Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot.  Nirogi Rajasthan is a big step in the direction of saving people from diseases.

 An IPD tower is being built in SMS Hospital, in which patients will be able to get state-of-the-art medical facilities.

 Shri Navratan Kothari, Chairman, Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer Hospital gave welcome address

 Senior Vice President Smt. Anila Kothari informed about the activities of the hospital. Managing Trustee Shri Vimalchand Surana and Executive Director Shri Subhash Pareek also expressed their views.  Senior doctors, hospital personnel and scholars were present.


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