Deadly fever is spreading in Rajasthan, deadly fever spreading rapidly from Bharatpur district headquarters to remote villages

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Rajasthan Bharatpur, Medical Department still seems helpless in getting control over this deadly fever with full force.

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In Rajasthan, children are dying in the midst of all kinds of rhetoric about the deadly fever spreading rapidly from the district headquarters of Bharatpur to the remote villages, but the medical department is still in full swing.  It seems helpless to get control of this deadly fever with strength.
Meanwhile, apart from many other children, the news of the death of two brothers and sisters has come to the fore due to this fever, while the third child is battling for life and death.
It is learned that two real siblings died due to fever in Gundwa village near the city and one elder brother is still admitted in a private hospital.
According to the information received, according to Prem Shankar, the father of the deceased children, his 6-year-old daughter Priyanka had fever two days ago, but on Monday, when her condition worsened, she was brought to RBM Hospital, where after some time the only sister between two brothers.  Priyanka died.
It was told that Priyanka’s family members had not even retired from their daughter’s funeral, that when Priyanka’s elder brother Harsh’s health deteriorated due to fever, he was also admitted to RBM Hospital and got him examined, then his platelets came to about 39 thousand, after which Harsh.  was admitted to RBM Hospital.  Harsh also died during treatment.
On the other hand, the eldest brother Rajkumar has also complained of fever, who has been admitted by the family to a private hospital instead of RBM.  After the death of two children, the family is in a bad condition.
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