Govardhan Meena will run in ‘London Marathon’, know the full story, how Govardhan has faced the hardships, know the complete biography.#wavekhabar

Govardhan Meena will run in “London Marathon” with a dream to win my India.

The son of a tribal farmer will run the London Marathon, the people of Rajasthan are waiting eagerly.

Govardhan was born 44 years ago from today in the house of a very poor tribal farmer of Nangal Bela Jamvaramgarh, a small backward village.
 Childhood, spent in poverty, malnourishment and deprivation, it was difficult to get even a single meal at the right time, far from postic diet.
 For the support of the old father, he got married soon for hard labor, worked at dhabas, hotels for employment, carried stones of Beldari.
 There was no help from anywhere in this difficult time, but the passion for running was from childhood.
 He has a son, at present, he works on contract in the Government Secretariat, Jaipur, in which 7-8 thousand are available, due to which the family can survive with great difficulty.
 Still, the passion of running remains intact, for almost 20 years, we have been running tirelessly without a nutritious diet without being hungry and thirsty.
 It is called Janoon and it can be found only in our country India.
 He is in dire need of financial help, has been first in 10 out of 20 competitions in the last four years, has been second and third in others, has won all the marathons of the country in the 8th category.
 In 2018 Vadodara Marathon was won in 2 hours, Jaipur of Marathon in 1 hour 26 minutes.  In 2019, he was the first in the Bombay Marathon.
 Govardhan Meena has been selected as the only Indian for the London Marathon because of the Mumbai Marathon victory.
 Despite applying for a visa on September 11, the visa was not received, then trended on social media.
 With everyone’s cooperation and support, visa was obtained with great difficulty, now Govardhan will run to hoist the tricolor in London
 An incident in Delhi gave a rapid impetus to their passion.
 Once, we went to Delhi for some work and saw some race is happening on the way, stopped and started watching, they were surprised to see all the foreigners running ahead and Indians running far behind.
 Govardhan felt very sad to see that there was no Indian in the medal category.
 Is not a single Indian race and medal like this incident is related to the scene of Vodafone International Marathon in Delhi in the year 2006.
 Seeing the condition of India, I reached the village wandering with sorrow in my mind, can I not become an Indian to get the medal.
 As soon as he reached the village, this idea became the determination of Govardhan that one day India would win and bring the Govardhan Medal.
 Govardhan Meena has been running tirelessly after facing various troubles since that night, taking more steps to achieve the goal.
 It is a matter of pride for the society, the country and the state that he reached London by winning various marathons.
We all hope and wish you all the best, come to India as a winner by waving the tricolor in London and we all celebrate together.
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