how to use V wash:

What is V Wash and how to use v wash

Wewash is a product that contains an oil used for the secret part of women. It can be used at night or any time of the day. This product has proved to be very helpful in showolving the problem of women. Quick and easy to use,

Details WeWash:

Vwash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene is carefully formulated to match the pH level of the intimate area. A small project, it is said to be packed with the goodness of sea buckthorn oil and tea tree oil, claims the WeWash company itself, which contains the properties of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Plus the liquid wash has proven to be helpful in maintaining personal hygiene as well as removes unpleasant odors making you always feel fresh and refreshed and confident.

Uses of Vwash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene Wash, 100 ml

Women’s hygiene and main benefits:

Protects the delicate intimate area and maintains a healthy pH 3.5 level.

Ideal for daily washing that keeps your intimate area fresh and maintains a healthy vaginal flora. Due to which many problems faced by women are solved in Chotkiyo.

Vwash product does not contain any paraben,

main content:

Enriched with sea buckthorn oil which is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids.

Designed to take care of the intimate needs of a woman, this V wash provides excellent personal hygiene to the ladies in use. With the goodness of tea tree oil along with sea buckthorn oil, the wash helps in maintaining the ideal pH level of the intimate area thereby preventing irritation, itching and dryness near the vagina. An exclusive product containing an exclusive lactic acid formula, this product leaves you feeling refreshed all day long.

With several intimate care products like Vwash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash and Vwash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wipes, Vwash Plus has been created to expand its horizons by tapping into sanitary care products. So that v wash is beneficial for women, women do not have to face problems like itching, infection.

How to use vwash plus.

Add a small coin-sized amount of Vwash Plus Intimate Hygiene Wash and gently massage the outer area of ​​your vagina with this mild wash. Wash off with water after application to get well hydrated skin with soothing feel.

Girls talk about the latest beauty products for face and body but not many discuss intimate hygiene. Maintaining personal and intimate hygiene is extremely important not only to stay clean and feel refreshed, but also to prevent infection, odor, burning, itching and other health hazards.

Traditionally, soap and water are used to clean intimate areas. Using soap to wash your intimate area is not recommended as it disrupts the natural vaginal flora, which in turn will allow harmful bacteria to grow rapidly. Soap is made to maintain the pH level of the skin.

Your skin’s pH level is 5.5 while your vagina’s pH level is between 3.8 and 4.5, so using soap will change the pH level of the vagina. The doctor recommends washing your intimate area only with warm water, but if you think you need a cleansing agent, try an intimate wash. There are many types of intimate cleansing agents available for women in the market today.

Many women are curious about these products and have questions about how to use them. Read on to understand the use of intimate wash.

VWash can be applied by putting a few drops on your palm and gently massaging the outer area of ​​your vagina.

Wash off thoroughly with water after applying.

It can be used even during your periods and does not leave any side effects

Note: Important note v wash effects

Apply externally and wash off with water.

safety information

For external use only.

Read the label carefully before use.

Store in a cool and dry place.

You can use this product even during periods


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