In Bharatpur’s freedom fighter Ram Charan Lal Senior Secondary School, monkeys attacked children,

Monkeys attack school children, two children injured.  Bharatpur today news..

Bharatpur today news:
Bharatpur: In the second branch of freedom fighter Ram Charan Lal Senior Secondary School in Rupwas of Bharatpur in Rajasthan, monkeys attacked small children of the school and injured two children.
 After the incident, the villagers reached the school and expressed their anger against the teachers and alleged that due to the irresponsible actions of the school staff, the children had to become victims of monkeys.
 It was told that the timing of this school from class I to class 5 starts at 7.30 in the morning, but the teachers do not come to the school before 9 o’clock while the children reach the school and keep waiting for the teachers.
 During this, small children are harassed by monkeys in the school. When the teachers of the school reach the school, then the locks of the class are opened and the studies start.
 It was told that due to this negligence of the school staff, Sachin studying in class 2 and Jelesh studying in class 3 were injured by monkeys.
 Hearing the screams of the children, the people around reached the school with sticks and sticks and drove the monkeys away.  At present, both the children were taken to the hospital.
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