In Rajasthan, Dausa police caught a gang claiming lakhs by preparing fake accident and postmortem reports.

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In Rajasthan Dausa, the doctors, police and advocates are doing fake work worth lakhs by preparing fake accident and postmortem reports.

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Rajasthan Dausa Police has created a sensation by busting such a gang that has claimed lakhs by preparing fake accident and postmortem reports.

In which even doctors, police and advocates are involved, in this joint action taken by Dausa Kotwali, Sadar police station, Nangal Rajawatan and Ramgarh Pachwara police station, 15 members including doctors involved in the gang, ASI and advocate of police have been arrested.  .

Giving information, Dausa Superintendent of Police, SP Anil Beniwal has told that fake reports were filed in the police station by preparing a false story of the accident.

After this, the gang members used to take the claim by forgery.  In this, a doctor and ASI have also been found involved in preparing the postmortem report of the doctor from the QST of the police control room in a fake manner.

Cases of filing fake accident reports by them have also come to light in many police station areas.

Advocate Chaturbhuj Meena, then Medical Jurist Dr. Satish Khandelwal, ASI Rameshchand Jatav, Manohar Meena, Kalyan Sahay Meena, Rajkamal Sisodia, Brahmanand Regar, Gokul Meena, Gaidi Devi, Ramprasad Regar, Ganpat Lal Regar, Abhimanyu Regar, were involved in the gang by the police.  Ramkishan Meena, Laxmi Narayan Meena and Kalyan Sahai Meena have been arrested.


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