In Rajasthan, on the decision to cancel the holiday in schools on Diwali, the government has taken a U-turn in 24 hours, this time in Rajasthan, Diwali will not be available now, only 3 days government holiday

Rajasthan today news:

In Rajasthan, the government has taken a U-turn within 24 hours on the decision to cancel the holiday in schools on Diwali.

Rajasthan today news
Now there will be a holiday in schools from October 29 to November 7.  On Tuesday, the Education Department issued an order ending the mid-term holiday, but on Wednesday evening, the Education Department has issued a new order to keep the mid-term holiday from October 29 to November 7.
Announcement, after ending the mid-term holiday, teachers across the state had started protesting against the decision to cancel the government holiday.
In a hurry, the Education Minister, interfering in this whole matter, got a new order issued on Wednesday evening.
This time there will be no holidays of ten-fifteen days as a mid-term holiday on Diwali.

Government holiday for only 3 days.  Principal power is also not exempted.  There will be no educational conference anywhere in the state, there will be no four holidays in the name of educational conference this time.  Diwali is on 4th November.

In such a situation, there is a holiday only from November 4 to 6, children will have to go to school till November 3.  There is Diwali on Sunday on November 4, Govardhan Puja on November 5 and Bhaiya Dooj on November 6.

The Education Department has made it clear that there will be a holiday in the school on a gazetted holiday, but on Saturday there will be no such holiday in the school.  In such a situation, on November 3, a day before Diwali, there will be a school holiday.


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