Indian train simulator 2018, free game career

Indian train simulator 2018 free

This is a train game which is like some one Indian train platform, its application is available on play store,

Indian train simulator 2018, the game has got a rating of 4.2 on the play store, and this game is available in 167,MB.


Realizing date= 3 june 2018

Downloading= 171mb

Version= 1.16

Download= 5 million

Review= 84 thousands

Offerdto= Android and iOS game

Request access to= location, telephone, storage, others

You can visit the application of this game by going to the play store. After downloading, according to the rules and regulation of the game, turn on the location and other policy, and play the game


When you open caring on Indian train simulator 2018, you will see a platform show in which the announcement will be heard in the voice of a woman, in which the timing of the train shows a late platform no.

Like the platform of an Indian train, the same game will be shown in Indian train simulator 2018 free, in which trains will be shown like 3D graphics.

In the starting game that opens in the first, it is important to know some information, so that you do not have problems while playing the game, first left will be written on the bottom corner with red tape exit, then info, privacy policy, and more game information which you will get good have to know in a way,

How to run Indian train simulator 2018 free:

Start is written on the red tape in the right side, click on the bottom side, now a new graphics show will be in front of you, in which the option of carre, scenarios, custom routes, and quick play will be shown,

When the caring is pressed on quick play, the train will start, in which a fixed timing show will be shown by connecting the train to the electric light by clicking on the start button.

After loading the train will start running in 5-6 seconds, in the left side there will be red light, green, yellow, and some light show, which has some rules, if you break even one rule then your mission will be failed, and Train Bapus will be show on one platform only

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