Once again a daughter was hanged to the gallows due to dowry, crime breaking news.

After all, when will daughters get freedom from dowry greedy people


Daughter’s family says:

Once again a daughter was strangled due to dowry and hanged to the gallows.
 These incidents are from the main village of Meenayo, Santha, who now lives in Mahwa,
 Where on Sunday a married woman was found hanging on the noose.
 Now this daughter had a relationship with Umesh of Satha village only eight months ago and since then her mother-in-law Vineeta started harassing her.
 In the matter, her mother-in-law and brother-in-law used to beat her and drive her away, due to which daughter Preeti and her parents were very upset.
 Just on September 19, her husband Umesh had taken her to Mahwal, where they used to live, then everyone thought that maybe they will live well now, who knew that these people had taken her to kill her,
 And seven days after that on Sunday, daughter Preeti was strangled and hanged.
 It is a matter of luck that at the same time the people living nearby reached their house to call for the birthday, seeing that they could not hang their daughter on the noose and then people reached the spot and took photos.
 And informed the police or else these dowry greedy people had made all preparations to make this murder a suicide.
 A case has been registered in this regard and the police arrested the mother-in-law and brother-in-law on the spot, while her husband Umesh fled from the spot.
 Now we know that our daughter cannot come back, but by getting caught in the clutches of such dowry greedy people, and no daughter’s life should be ruined like this.
 For this, it is very important to give strict punishment to these dowry greedy people.
 With folded hands, we request all the people of the society including Dr. Kirori Lal Meena ji, Omprakash Hoodla to cooperate on our behalf to get justice for this daughter, so that we can protect our daughters.
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