Pain nose death of 4 sisters due to falling in pond, death of 4 sisters due to drowning in pond near Rabat Bhata division. Today news

Father wanted to give a car gift to his daughters but before that the accident happened, 4 sisters died

Today news

Four sisters had gone to Thamlab near Rawat-Bhathal yesterday, that is, on Saturday, for a picnic, suddenly fell into the pond made in the field due to slipping in the pond.
The rest of the sisters also jumped into the pond to save their sister, but failed and all four died in the pond itself.
Neha, 16, was of Nisha, 22, Asa, 24, and Nikita, 18,
The sisters who went to the picnic had not even opened their bags, had taken food and other picnic items with them, they would not have even imagined that such a scene would happen.
On the sequence of events, the bag was found, food and stone-fishing marks were also identified as Surendra Singh’s two daughters Nisha and Asa, and two of his cousin sisters Nikita and Chingi, which is of Hemendra Singh.
Surendra Singh did something like this, he told his pain that he was about to get a car for the daughters on Diwali, both the daughters were going to take the car on Diwali, but before that such an incident happened, only after 5 hours such an incident happened.  happened..
Nisha, who was 22 years old, was also honored with the Gargi Award, and recently on 26 September she gave the REET exam.
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