Patwari exam paper out in Rajasthan, Patwari paper found with candidates, Patwari paper out

Rajasthan Patwari Paper Out:

Rajasthan Patwari’s paper was out for Rs. 12-12 lakh, paper deal was done before the start of the examination, 10 candidates were taken into custody from the city police station area, everyone has got a copy of the paper.

Patwari exam

The paper out of the Patwari examination held on Saturday in Rajasthan cannot be ruled out.
 Even before the start of the examination, 10 candidates were taken into custody from the city police station area.
 Everyone has got a copy of the paper, all the detained candidates are from Bharatpur, whose main center was in Alwar, the interrogation of all the detained candidates continued, in fact Bharatpur police had received information at around 9 pm on Friday that some candidates had Patwari.  There is the examination paper, after which the police have raided the place and detained 10 candidates.
 Police may soon reveal the whole matter, sources said that the police had received information that some people of Bharatpur have gone towards Agra late in the night.  All the teams were activated and more information was gathered from the informers.
 According to the sources, after receiving the information, the Bharatpur police delayed reaching Agra at around 3 pm.  Ruffed up but about half a dozen people of the gang climbed into Agra, who were brought to Bharatpur on Saturday by the police.
 According to sources, after interrogating the gang’s arrested from Agra, the police have given a detailed description of the matter to the 10 candidates caught from the city area. Still waiting sources have said that the Patwari exam paper was sent to Agra in Uttar Pradesh even before the examination.  Many sensational revelations are yet to be made in the matter of being dismissed.

 Big disclosure of Rajasthan Patwari Paper Out.

 Bharatpur Police of Rajasthan has arrested 12 people in the case by exposing the gang who received the question paper before the examination and bargaining of the question paper of Patwar Recruitment Examination year 2021 organized by the Rajasthan Staff Selection Board Jaipur.
 The arrested accused include husband and wife, Superintendent of Police Devendra Kumar Bishnoi said that out of all the arrested accused, 5 people are candidates of Patwar recruitment examination.
 It has been told that Rs 12 lakh was demanded from the arrested accused for leaking the paper of Patwar recruitment examination, in return for which they have given checks of Rs 2 lakh each to the pair leak gang.
 Out of the arrested accused, 5 people were arrested from Agra in Uttar Pradesh on the Unchha Nagla of National Highway No. 21 while returning from KUV Car No. RJ 05 UA 8770  to Bapis Bharatpur.  During interrogation it has come to know that all of them were going to Alwar with the leaked paper.
 The names of the accused arrested in the case of leaking the question paper of Patwar Recruitment Examination year 2021, Pradeep Singh son Gordhan Singh Gurjar resident Kamalpura police station Bhusawar district Bharatpur, Inderjit Singh son Mohan Singh Gurjar resident Kharera police station Uchhain district Bharatpur, Arun Singh son Vinod Kumar Jat  Resident Vijwari police station Bhusawar district Bharatpur, Trilok Singh son Samay Singh Gurjar resident Sarsaina police station Vair district Bharatpur, Manisha Devi wife Indrajit Gurjar resident Kharera police station Umain district Bharatpur, Vishnu son Kishan Singh Gurjar resident of Sigada police station Rudawal, Jitendra Singh son Srichand Gurjar resident Navar police station  Vair, Pintu Kumar son Ramesh Chand Gurjar resident of new village Thana Bayana, Rajesh Kumar son of Kailaram Dhakad resident of Brahmbad police station Rudaval near railway station, Jitendra Kumar son Vijay Singh Gurjar resident of Bhirwadi Bayana police station Bayana, Shubham son Chandrashekhar Vaish resident of old bus stand Vair police station  Vaira B Sonu’s son Jagdish Prasad Jatav resident Lal Darwaza Bayana Police Station Bayana District Bharatpur has been told.
 Several teams of police are engaged in interrogating the accused.
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