Rajasthan Bharatpur police station arrested two Yubco of a gang involved in theft

Rajasthan Breaking News: Rajasthan today news:

Armed with illegal weapons, two miscreants who robbed vehicles on the roads were arrested.


In Rajasthan, Kaithwara police station of Bharatpur armed with illegal weapons in a Bolero vehicle, robbed the vehicles on the roads, snatched the vehicle, broke the locks of the vehicles parked in the house and stole it, sowing in the fields.  Apart from forcibly robbing the tractors of the farmers who protested, taking the driver hostage in the vehicle and slamming the hostage on a deserted road, and failing to rob the vehicle from the roadside houses at night.  Two members of the infamous Bullti gang, who stole goats and goats in Bolero, have been arrested and recovered goats and goats stolen from their possession.

 Incharge SHO, Assistant Sub-Inspector Vishwamitra said that on the night of October 13, a team formed under his leadership, Jakem Meo, a 22-year-old resident of Kaban’s Bas police station, accused of stealing goats and goats from village Kuliana and Sholapur.  Shabbir alias Sabir son Zafaru Meo, aged 25 years, has recovered 6 goats / goats from the forests of village Kaban Ka Bas on the behest of Udkidalla police station Sikri.

 Constable Wajid 2467, Sapat 2104 B Thakur Das 1786 were included in the team formed to arrest the gang members.


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