The farmers who are feeling the pain of the millet crop and the farmers, will the government be able to understand the sorrow of the farmers. #wavekhabar

Rajasthan Sawai Madhopur:

At present, the millet crop sown in lakhs of hectares by the farmers is ripe.

And along with harvesting, millet grains are being removed through thresero.  But farmers should get proper price of millet, they are not getting it, due to which the farmers are suffering financial loss.

 • The farmer spends one bigha {raw bigha} on millet crop.

 • Seeds – Rs.300

 •Sowing holding Rs.320

 • Fertilizer Rs 200

 • Harvesting – Rs.900

 • Turned out – Rs 200

 Altogether the farmer spends Rs.1920 on the production of millet in one bigha.

 • The farmer is getting the market price only 1400 or 1500 rupees which is very less in proportion to the expenditure, due to which the farmers are not able to recover the cost.

 • Most of the Kharif crop is market sown and produced in Rajasthan, but the farmers of Rajasthan are facing economic loss due to the purchase of Bajra at MSP in Rajasthan.

 • MSP of millet should be at least Rs 2500 so that farmers can get economic benefits.






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