Two policemen injured in police encounter with Bharatpur cow smugglers in Rajasthan, bharatpur today news

Bharatpur. Rajasthan:

Two constables injured in an encounter between Sever police station and cow smugglers of Bharatpur, Rajasthan.

Bharatpur today crime news:

Two constables were injured in an encounter between Sever police station and cow smugglers of Bharatpur, Rajasthan.
 After much effort, the police also arrested one of the cow smugglers while running.
 Four cows were also freed from the possession of cow smugglers, a pickup full of cows was confiscated.
 According to the information received, there was an encounter between the police and the cow smugglers at around 2 o’clock last night when the stray cows sitting on the road near the Jain temple of the Gautaskar police station area were carrying them in a pickup.
 It was told that on being challenged by the police, the cow smugglers opened fire on him, due to which the bullet touched the forehead of a constable named Sanjay.
 More than half a dozen shrapnel hit the face of the constable policeman. In response, the police station also opened fire.
 According to the information received, when the cow smugglers saw themselves surrounded by the police, leaving the pickup full of cows, they started running away on foot, pelting stones at the police.
 It was told that many policemen were also injured due to stone pelting by cow smugglers.
 Taking advantage of the darkness, about 5 cow smugglers escaped while firing on the police.
 The police have arrested a cow smuggler named Irshad.
 All the cow smugglers are said to be residents of Palwal’s Utawad in Haryana.

Another gang of cow smugglers:

In Rajasthan, from the Sever, Kumher, Dig B Nagar police station areas of Bharatpur district, gautskars are continuously taking the cows by filling them in vehicles.
There is no effective curb on this activity of cow smugglers.
Last night too, a pickup of cow smugglers who came out of the Sever police station area of ​​Agra-Jaipur National Highway No. 21, after filling 7 cows in a pickup, was caught by the people of the cow protection team.
In Kaithwara but the cow smugglers absconded.  The people of Gau Raksha Dal, with the help of Kaithwara Police, liberated 7 cows.  Awaiting detailed description.
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