Two Yubco, who came to kidnap a minor girl in Bharatpur city of Rajasthan, were caught by the school children, rajasthan today news.

Bharatpur.  Rajasthan:

In Bharatpur city today, due to the understanding of the school staff, the incident of kidnapping of a minor girl was averted.

But the youth, who reached the school for kidnapping, was also nabbed and handed over to the police.  The accused of kidnapping attempt, Saurabh Nagla, is a resident of Bartai village.

He had a companion with him but seeing the opportunity, he fled from outside the school.

According to the information received, Saurabh reached the school on Tuesday while talking about taking a girl student studying in Millennium School home from school and told Preeti as his aunt’s girl.

When the teacher gave this information to Preeti’s family members, they were left stunned.

Preeti’s father told the school staff that he did not know any boy named Saurav and that he should not send Preeti with him, during which the young man got suspicious and started running away.

But the people of the school caught him and locked him in a room.  After reaching the school, the family handed over the youth to the Mathuragate police station.  Preeti’s father says that both the youths wanted to kidnap Preeti and take her away.

But due to the intelligence of the school teacher, the accused could not succeed in their plans.  The police have also confiscated the bike of the accused.


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