Zerodol sp tablet all details?

There are 3 drugs present under Zerodol,

Aceclofenac – 100mg

Paracetamol -325mg

Serratiopeptidase -15mg

Function of each drug?

Aceclofenac – Anti-inflammatory

Paracetamol – Antipyretic (fever- reduser)

Serratiopeptidase – enzyme that break down abnormal protenins at the site of inflammation promote healing

What are the uses of zerodol sp tablet?

Generally people who have headache, unko zerodol sp is given. Then those who have mind migraine are also given zerodol sp,

Zerodol sp tablet is used to prevent musculoskeletal pain, which means that there is pain in the joints, such as in the bones of the reed, hand leg etc.

Zerodol sp is given for joint pain, joint pain means use of this tablet to get relief from the pain caused by the impact of the joint.

Post surgical pain & inflammation, generally doctors give zerodol sp. So these are the uses of zerodol sp tablet.

Doses for dezodol sp tablet:

This tablet is generally provided to adults, and it can be used 2 times a day, 1 tablet can be taken in morning time, and 2nd tablet in evening time, but before consuming this tablet, some information is good for you. It is important to know the way, so that you do not have to face some problems, you must eat food before taking this tablet.

Contraindications of zerodol sp, who should not take this tablet.

Pragnant leady should not consume this tablet,
Breastfeeding mother’s should not take this tablet.

Patients with kidney and liver disease should not consume this tablet, as well as those who abuse alcohol, who take alcohol daily, such people should also avoid this tablet, otherwise it can prove fatal for you.

Side effects for zerodol sp overdose:

Stomuch pain
Loss of appetite
People who take overdose, such as ghosts take more tablets, then side effects are seen in such people.

Important Note:
Before consuming the tablet, must eat food,

Do not drive for 3-4 hours after taking the tablet because after taking the tablet there may be a sound of sleep, for this reason do not drive.

Whenever you use zerodol sp, before that take advice from the nearest doctor, do not consume this tablet without doctor’s advice

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